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Adventures Of Lulu

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Author:Hay, Louise
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  This work includes three stories to help build self esteem and courage in children: Lulu and the Ant: a Message of Love; Lulu and Willy the Duck: Learning Mirror work; and Lulu and the Dark: Conquering Fears. These three stories were written to help today's child grow up with a strong sense of self-esteem and courage. As adults, we sometimes forget that children have many more issues to deal with than we did when we were their age. They're constantly being put into the position of making choices, and are steadily being bombarded with news about the critical state of the world. How children handle these challenges is a direct reflection of how they truly feel about themselves. The more a child loves and respects him-or herself, the easier it will be to make the right choices. As parents, it's important that we instill in our children a sense of independence, power, and the knowledge that they can make a difference in the outcome of today's world.