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Feed Your Soul (February 2019)
Nutritional Wisdom to Lose Weight Permanently and Live Fulfilled

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Author:Pollack, Carly
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Losing weight is not mysterious: Eat fewer calories, burn more calories. Neither is nutrition: Don't eat junk. So why do millions weigh more than they want or should, feel anxious and depressed about this, and put their lives on hold as they struggle?

Nutritionist Carly Pollack lived this vicious cycle for years until trial and error, study and self-healing led her to the approach and insights she has since shared with thousands. Her lively book blends an understanding of body science, brain wiring, and heart spirit to facilitate real, long-term change. In the language of a sassy friend and fellow struggler, Pollack helps readers reframe their thinking and. for example, see comfort foods as the numbing foods they are and focus on long-term goals rather than momentary gratification. With humor and easy to remember advice, she foregoes theory and jargon and cuts to the chase with "Skimmer's Delight" chapter summations and "Make It Stick" reminders. While Pollack talks straight and writes real, her success is based on her palpably profound understanding and compassion and her sincere wish to help others triumph and thrive.