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Tantra Made Easy (November 2018)
Discover the Path from Sex to Spirit

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Product Code:9781788172646
Author:Solluna, Shashi
Vendor: Hay House


Tantra is a practice of sacred sexuality that has existed since ancient times to help people find meaning and healing in physical relationships. Now more than ever, this is a practice that everyone can benefit from.

Shashi is a world-renowned Tantra instructor who has trained with the world's top experts. In Tantra Made Easy, she brings the traditions of Tantra to new readers curious to learn how these can be applied in their lives. Through this book, readers will gain an understanding of Tantra as a spiritual path. This will help them understand the role of relationships, love and intimacy in modern Tantric traditions, the importance of having an open heart and how Tantric techniques can give them a spiritual experience in their physical relationships.

This title was previously published within the Hay House Basics series (9781781807101 - Tantra).