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Chakras Made Easy (September 2018)
Seven Keys to Awakening and Healing the Energy Body

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Product Code:9781788172509
Author:Judith, Anodea
Vendor: Hay House


Chakras Made Easy is the ideal book for readers who are new to, or curious about, energy healing systems. Written by Anodea Judith, world-renowned energy healing expert, it offers a complete range of practical tools on using chakras to balance, heal and take charge of your wellbeing. In this book, the reader will learn:

  • the meaning, function, and purpose of each chakra
  • the childhood experiences that affect and programme each chakra
  • the role each chakra plays in our lives, including in our health, relationships, and decision-making
  • physical, emotional, and mental signs of chakra imbalances
  • simple yet powerful exercises to balance each chakra
  • using the chakras as a tool for liberation, manifestation, reception, and expression

This book was previously published within the chakras Hay House Basics series (9781401952297).