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This Is Motherhood (March 2019)
A Motherly Collection of Reflections + Practices

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Author:Koziol, Jill & Tenety, Liz
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Motherly's mission is to redefine motherhood, writing a new narrative that's powerful and feminine as well as informed and inspiring. Motherly is a content-led community that provides a blend of expert information, news, trend and science coverage, and inspiring mom-to-mom encouragement, giving you the confidence to wake up every day knowing "you've got this."

With This Is Motherhood, cofounders Jill Koziol and Liz Tenety present a collection of essays and practices to celebrate motherhood and all its complexity. This book brings a wealth of new material and a selection of the best essays from Motherly to guide you through each phase of the "wild ride of motherhood," covering themes such as all the firsts a woman experiences in her role of "mom," the daily grind of momlife, the incomparable strength of mothers, and the magical moments. Each section features journaling space and a meditation or practice to support mothers on a daily basis.

"These essays are our letters to you,"write the authors. "They're here to tell you that your feelings are normal. That you're doing an amazing job. That you're stronger than you even realize. And that you can do this."