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Body Thrive (March 2019)
Uplevel Your Body and Your Life with 10 Habits from Ayurveda and Yoga

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Author:Stillman, Cate
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Do you find evolving your habits - especially around body issues such as deeper nourishment and stress management - to be a frustrating challenge? With Body Thrive, Cate Stillman brings a modern eye to the daily habits from Ayurveda and yoga, sharing how they completely up level your day-to-day routines to align you into a flow state. Encouraging gradual, sustained progress through small actions, Body Thrive shows how to align yourself with your natural biorhythms to cultivate deep energy, restful sleep, optimal digestion, and self-mastery in your body and your life.

Rather than presenting a rigid series of scheduled tasks, Stillman provides commonsense tools and insight for changing behaviors at a pace optimized for your own unique needs. Through its clear, beginner-friendly approach to 10 core daily habits of Ayurveda, Body Thrive lets you to take charge of your "habit evolution" and craft your best possible life.

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