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On the Hunt for the Haunted (April 2019)
Searching for Proof of the Paranormal

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Author:Strom, Robin
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The most exciting moment of a paranormal investigation is when contact is made with someone - or something - on the other side. There's nothing in the world that compares to the feeling of a spirit brushing your skin or the thrill of conversing with an unknown entity who responds to questions by manipulating the lights.

Author Robin Strom's passion for collecting evidence of the paranormal has made her a trusted expert in the field. On the Hunt for the Haunted is a book of Robin's most fascinating investigations and her most compelling proof. Using an arsenal of professional equipment for detecting, measuring, and recording activity, Robin and her team repeatedly make contact with the other side, tirelessly seeking answers to one of the world's most enigmatic riddles - what happens when we die?