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Of Angels, Demons, and Spirits (Hardcover) (February 2019)
A Sourcebook of British Magic

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Author:Harms, Daniel & Clark, James R.
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Discovered in the stacks of the Bodleian Library at Oxford, this authentic work of 17th century English magic has been meticulously transcribed and translated by Daniel Harms and illustrated by James R. Clark, the team that created the bestselling Book of Oberon (9780738743349). With a comprehensive introduction, annotations, and appendices to help contextualize the material, in addition to more than 100 figures and illustrations, this beautifully reconstructed historical work is filled with never-before published rituals for calling forth demons, fairies, spirits of the hours of the day, elementals, and other spiritual beings.

This elegantly bound book provides new insights into a fascinating tradition, where a sorcerer or cunning-man was paid to perform magic for uncovering theft, healing, combating witchcraft, hunting for treasure, or for having a spirit fulfill one's commands. This premium hardcover edition is a must-have for collectors and working ritualists.