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Living Reiki (January 2019)
Heal Yourself and Transform Your Life

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Author:Tipton, Melissa
Vendor: Llewellyn Worldwide


Embark on a journey deep into the mysteries of Reiki, where you'll create a potent elixir of healing that will unite you with your true self. This book guides you on the path of self-transformation, helping re-instill your trust in the unshakeable reality that you're already whole.

Living Reiki provides tools and practices designed to shed the filters and obstructions created by your ego, which are obscuring your true self. The more you release these obstructions, the more you can see who you truly are and what you came into this life to do. You'll learn the teachings of Reiki through meditation, ritual, and other powerful techniques. Using fearless self-inquiry and personal transformation, you'll unravel the secret ways of the healer within.