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Chakra Animals (January 2019)
Discover Your Connection to Wisdom of the Natural World

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Author:Stuart, Angelica
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We share our world with many fantastic creatures, and each has a lesson if we're willing to listen. Chakra Animals shares the chakra wisdom of fifty familiar North American animals to support you in making changes in your life and guide you in areas where you're struggling. Finding different animals that you resonate with on a practical level is fun, and it also enhances your spiritual practice and emotional growth by giving you fresh insights from the primal energy of the animal world. For each animal, you will discover chakra interpretations for each of the seven chakras. These insights will help you focus on specific goals that are important to you and remove inner blocks that may be holding you back. Also included are tips and techniques for working with chakra wisdom and stories of personal transformation to help you integrate the profound guidance the animal realm holds for you.