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Chakradance (November 2018)
Move Your Chakras, Change Your Life

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Product Code:9781401950934
Author:Southgate, Natalie
Vendor: Hay House


If you like the idea of yoga, but not the challenging poses, if you like the idea of meditation, but find it hard to sit still for more than a few minutes, and if you know you've got old 'baggage' to release, but find 'talking therapy' too awkward for words, Chakradance is for you.

With Chakradance, more and more people are finding a way to achieve this. Our chakras are our energy centers, that hold mind, body and spirit together. The practice of Chakradance activates, tunes and balances your chakras, to improve your life.

In this book, the founder Natalie Southgate explains how this gentle yet powerful 'moving meditation' practice actually works, including examples and stories from her own life and the lives of Chakradancers all over the world.

The book also includes links to downloadable chakra-specific music tracks and guided meditations so you can try it for yourself.