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Smart Ass (November 2018)
How a Donkey Challenged Me to Accept His True Nature & Rediscover My Own

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Sports car, Italian villa, inappropriate love interest? No, this author, an overworked college professor in New York City met midlife agita not head-on, but ass-on, fulfilling a childhood curiosity with donkeys by answering an ad in the American Donkey and Mule Society's magazine The Brayer for a "Large White Saddle Donkey." Hilarity does ensue, alongside life-threatening injuries, and spirit-enriching insight. As readers walk with the author and Caleb through training traumas, expert-busting antics, and humiliating races, they also share in the author's gradual understanding of Caleb's true, undeniable gifts: a willingness to "speak truth to power," to trust, and to forgive.

Author Margaret Winslow incorporates these lessons in her life and as Caleb and Winslow learn to thrive, readers not only cheer them on but also learn a thing or three about being true to their own pure and powerful self.