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This Works (October 2018)
How to Use Mindfulness to Calm the Hell Down and Just Be Happy

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Author:Brosnan, Paddy
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Following on from the success of his workshops, mindfulness teacher and inspirational speaker Paddy Brosnan has written a book that looks at mindfulness with a fresh eye. Paddy has taught and practiced mindfulness for many years, and for him, there are only two basic components - formal meditation practice and the practical application of mindfulness in everyday life.

In this book, he teaches the concept that mindfulness is not something you do, but something you are. In This Works, Paddy presents the practice of mindfulness as something of the utmost simplicity, which can tap into truths we all know at an instinctive level, and can be easily understood and enjoyed by anyone. The book will simultaneously take mindfulness 'back to basics' and expand its boundaries into the much more general field of the development of awareness. It will also explore the deeper spiritual significance produced by mindfulness and its practice.

The greater part of the book will focus on the sense in which the ongoing practice of mindfulness can open up a whole new dimension of experience, enabling us to savour the pleasures in life as they occur, to be more fully engaged in everyday activities, and to develop a greater capacity to deal with adverse events.

Written with the humor, compassion, and relatability which have made the author's workshops so successful, this book will provide a very direct and accessible insight into how the development of awareness through mindfulness can ultimately bring us a deeper sense of contentment and happiness - or, put another way, how mindfulness can help us to suffer less.