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How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body (October 2018)
10th Anniversary Edition

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Author:Hamilton, David
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The connection between your mind and body is a powerful tool in taking control of your life. The power of thought can affect us in profound, often life-changing, ways in all areas of our life, including the incredible effect of thought on health.

This radical book by scientist Dr. David Hamilton explores the power of visualization, and positive thinking on the body, including the changes these practices can create on a cellular level. David shows how we can use imagination and thought processes to stimulate our body's own defenses and healing systems. The book includes true-life stories from people who have successfully visualized themselves well, including recoveries from autoimmune diseases, chronic fatigue, heart conditions, viruses, eyesight problems, sporting injuries, and even colds and flu. The book includes an A-Z list of visualizations for different physical (and some mental-health) conditions. These are based on real examples that have been shared by participants in David's numerous workshops.