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Your Inner Pilot Light (6CDs) (October 2018)
Connecting with the Infinite Source of Love, Guidance, and Healing

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Author:Rankin, Lissa
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Within each of us is a spark of divinity, a direct channel to Source that never goes out, no matter what hardships we face. Although this spark has many names in many traditions, physician and bestselling author Lissa Rankin, MD refers to it as our "Inner Pilot Light." In her first audio teaching program Your Inner Pilot Light, Lissa presents a series of guided meditations and practices for igniting the eternal flame within.

Though life's many challenges can make us feel as if our light is but a faint flicker, it never goes out completely. By tending to our Inner Pilot Light, we kindle a Divine spark to guide us through all of life. "When you move beyond surface-level voices of fear and start trusting the voice of your deepest truth," Lissa teaches, "you enter the mysterious landscape of the soul and its wellspring of meaning, purpose, and wholeness." Throughout this seven-part program, you'll discover how to align with your Divine self, read the signs of your own internal guidance, come into greater health and well-being, and illuminate your true calling.