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Gradual Awakening (September 2018)
The Tibetan Buddhist Path of Becoming Fully Human

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Author:Neale, Miles & Tenzin Zopa, Geshe
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Western culture is fascinated by quick fixes, glamorous fads, and celebrity teachers - and spiritual practice is no exception. "What we see in America today in both the yoga and mindfulness booms," writes Dr. Miles Neale, "is a presentation of technique alone, sanitized and purged of the dynamic teachings in wisdom and ethics that are essential for true liberation." For anyone seeking a path dedicated to both authentic personal growth and the overthrow of materialism, hedonism, and nihilism that are threatening our planet, this compelling teacher presents a well-conceived, sustainable solution with Gradual Awakening.

The core of this book is Tibetan Buddhism's "Gradual Path" - or Lam Rim - interpreted with fresh insights from modern scientific research. Through each step, Dr. Neale offers astute guidance on areas where Western audiences get stuck - particularly on the developmental realizations of self-care, altruism, and "quantum vision." Here is a landmark book that replaces shallow spirituality with a new paradigm that integrates science with spirit, theory with practice, and personal meditation with the desire to transform the world.