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Stronger Than Before (September 2018)
Take Control of Your Healing to Survive and Thrive with Breast Cancer

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Product Code:9781788171601
Author:Porter, Alison
Vendor: Hay House


Stronger Than Before is a roadmap for breast cancer patients to help them understand their illness and the range of available treatments - not just standard treatment. It offers the first complete guide to supporting yourself through the process: physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Divided into three parts, this book is the self-care bible for breast cancer, written by a breast cancer survivor.

Part One: introduces readers to the language of their illness, explaining the different types and stages of their diagnosis, and outlines the standard treatments they are likely to be offered, as well as the alternatives.

Part Two: looks at the illness as a transformative journey, exploring the breast cancer personality and how to start unravelling unhelpful emotional patterns and behaviors. Readers will learn how to manage their emotional bandwidth while in treatment, how to stay calm when fear takes hold, and self-soothing practices to manage their moods. Finally, readers will learn how to create meaning from this experience, to live more soulfully, and find their purpose.

Part Three: explores life after breast cancer, covering reconstruction, an anti-cancer lifestyle to prevent recurrence, and how to leave the identity of a patient behind and move into a post-cancer mindset. Wherever the reader, or their lovedone, is on that journey, it has helpful information, advice, tips, and techniques to surviving and thriving stronger than before.