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Daily Reflections on Addiction, Yoga, and Getting Well (September 2018)

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Author:Gates, Rolf
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Rolf Gates has walked the walk of the 12-step method of recovery successfully and continues to do so by integrating the practices of yoga with modern addiction treatment strategies. In this series of 365 essays, Gates juxtaposes the 12-step method with the Buddhist Eight-Fold way and the Eight Limbs of Classical Yoga to bring out the most effective elements for lasting healing and recovery. Each brief yet elegant essay is accompanied by a self-reflection prompt to help you process your own thoughts and experiences.

As the co-founder of the Yoga + Recovery Conference at Esalen Institute and the acclaimed author of Meditations from the Mat, Gates has become a leading voice in contemporary yoga and addiction counseling. His own story and the stories of those who have helped him along the way personalize both the modern and classic teachings and embed it within the space of the human heart and everyday life.