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Inner Reflections 2019 Engagement Datebook (Spiral)

CDN Retail:$19.50
Product Code:9780876128138
Author:Paramahansa Yogananda
Vendor: Self-Realization


Inner Reflections maintains its striking originality while staying way ahead of any other calendar. Inner Reflections has gained a reputation as one of the most stunning and beautiful Inspirational Engagement Calendars available. Inspiring quotations from Paramahansa Yogananda are magically blended with images from the world's top nature photographers. With annual print runs of over 50,000 in all languages, Inner Reflections continues year after year to be a best-selling engagement calendar.

  • Format: Spiral 9 in X 7.25 in
  • 53 color illustrations
  • 132pages
  • Includes images from some of the world's best nature photographers: Daisy Gilardini (award-winning National Geowildlife photographer), Fi Rust (numerous award-winner from Audubon & BBC Wildlife), Franz Lanting (lifetime achievement award from National Geo), Tim Fitzharris, Tom Till, Mary Liz Austin and Tom Mackie