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Shamanic Qabalah (December 2018)
A Mystical Path to Uniting the Tree of Life & the Great Work

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Product Code: 9780738757636
Author: Moler, Daniel
Vendor: Llewellyn Worldwide


Take a journey into the Mysteries with Shamanic Qabalah. Fusing Hermetic Qabalah and Peruvian shamanic practices, this book lays out a template for exploring the inner and outer worlds in the tradition of the ancients. Discover how you can make your own way through the Great Work - communing with the unseen entities and elements of the universe and achieving union with the divine.

Trained in Peruvian Shamanism and in Qabalah, author Daniel Moler leads a journey through the dimensions of consciousness to help you live a sacred life in connection with the unseen and unknown Other.