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Tui-Na Manual (June 2018)
Chinese Massage to Awaken Body and Mind

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Author:Mercati, Maria
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Tui-Na, which means "grasp and push," is a Chinese system of therapy that uses massage and bodywork manipulation to relieve pain, release tension, and treat common ailments. Often practiced in conjunction with acupuncture and Chinese herbalism, Tui-Na is also used as a treatment to address specific patterns of disharmony and stimulate the overall flow of Qi, or vital energy, throughout the body.

The leading authority on Tui-Na in the West, with years of study in China, Indonesia, and Thailand, Maria Mercati combines the individual techniques of Tui-Na into an easy-to-use method for whole-body health. Providing rich full-color photos with step-by-step instructions, she demonstrates each of the 15 unique Tui-Na techniques, showing clearly where to place your hands as well as offering clear diagrams of the meridian energy channels and more than 100 powerful Qi points, where Qi energy can be directly affected to restore balance and harmony. She explains how to use the Qi points to treat conditions in close proximity as well as enact healing in tender or injured regions through the use of distant yet connected Qi points.

The author details how to use Tui-Na treatments to relieve neck, shoulder, and back pain, sciatica, headache, and many other common ailments, treat sports injuries, and improve athletic performance. She also shows how it can release stress, re-energize the body, and invigorate the mind, as well as provide healing massage for adolescents, the elderly, and babies.