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Lucky Bitch
A Guide for Exceptional Women to Create Outrageous Success

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Author:Duffield-Thomas, Denise
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Can you learn to be lucky? Self-made millionaire Denise Duffield-Thomas not only believes this is possible, sheknows it's possible. From being broke, hating her office job, and generally having a life that made her completely miserable, Denise went on to travel the world and make all of her dreams come true within the space of a few years, including attracting more than half a million dollars worth of free travel, scholarships, prizes, and bank errors in her favor. And in this book, she shows how you can do the same.

Wherever you are with luck - Lucky Bitch will show you how to take action in areas of your life that are lacking in magic. With humor and encouragement, Denise gives clear and effective instructions, based on the principles of the Law of Attraction and manifestation, that will get you closer to luck and closer to your dream life. You'll learn the "Ten Lucky Bitch Commandments" and the secrets to creating luck in business, in love, and with money.

This book has already changed the lives of tens of thousands of women. Now it has the potential to change yours. If you've been asking for an answer or a miracle, this book is it!