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Parents' Guide to Climate Revolution
100 Ways to Build a Fossil-­Free Future, Raise Empowered Kids, and Still Get a Good Night's Sleep

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Author:DeMocker, Mary
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"Relax," writes author Mary DeMocker. "This isn't another overwhelming pile of parental 'to-do's' for shrinking your family's carbon footprint through super-eco-heroism." Instead, DeMocker, the cofounder and creative director of 350 Eugene, lays out a lively, empowering, and doable blueprint for engaging families in the urgent, all-important endeavor of "climate revolution." Here, in one hundred brief, action-packed chapters, parents learn dozens of wide-ranging ideas and activities that can be part of this revolution - from embracing simplicity parenting, to freeing themselves from dead-end science debates, to teaching kids about the political power of creative protest, to changing their lifestyle in ways that will bring their family together, improve moods, and also reduce their impact on the earth. Engaging and creative, this is for every parent who wants to act effectively and empower their children to feel they can do the same.