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Fit Vegan (January 2020)

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Product Code:9781788170901
Author:Kennedy-Macfoy, Edric
Vendor: Hay House


Are you contemplating the transition from your current diet to a vegan lifestyle? Are you curious about what veganism is and whether it offers a healthy lifestyle? Written by a most atypical vegan: a muscle-building London firefighter with a physically demanding job, this book will dispel the numerous myths about veganism and will make your choice to become a vegan as easy as possible! Topics include:

  • Understanding your motivations for becoming vegan: health issues, animal rights, spiritual, social responsibility, or environmental concerns
  • The problems that can be solved and the benefits that can be achieved by going vegan
  • How to make the diet change: the pros and cons of overnight and progressive transitions
  • Fitness and veganism
  • how to make them work together
  • How to handle omnivore dinner parties, and more!

This book contains practical tips, recipes, and firefighter Edric Kennedy-Macfoy's personal journey of becoming vegan and insight into his daily life: how he is able to sustain his active lifestyle, keep up his energy, and stay highly motivated on a vegan diet.