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World is a Nice Place (April 2018)
How to Overcome Adversity, Joyfully

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Product Code:9781401950873
Author:Molloy, Amy
Vendor: Hay House


Imagine if you could hope for the best, even after the worst. When life is hard, The World is a Nice Place offers a new way of thinking. We all have the power to fall in love with our lives-even when it's a series of disasters. As an international journalist, Amy Molloy spent over a decade interviewing people who've survived incredible challenges - from terrorism attacks, to natural disasters, loss, grief, breakups, breakdowns and the everyday events that can cause our lives to freeze.

In The World is a Nice Place, she shares her story. A child with obsessive compulsive tendencies, who became a teenager with an eating disorder and a 23-year-old widow. Throw in a family history of depression, a father paralyzed from cancer, and a tendency to have spiritual premonitions and it's a recipe for a messed-up adult. Or, is it?

This insightful and searingly honest book, the product of ten years' research, combines personal anecdotes with practical tools to help readers explore their memories, pinpoint their triggers and use their past to empower, inspire and guide them.

Don't let the worst day of your life be your greatest achievement.