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Mind to Matter (Hardcover) (June 2018)
The Astonishing Science of How Your Brain Creates Material Reality

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Author:Church, Dawson
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The idea that thoughts become things" has become a meme in popular culture. New research and new discoveries are demonstrating that thoughts can indeed be profoundly creative. In Mind to Matter, award-winning author Dawson Church examines the scientific facts and reviews the studies that show, step by step, exactly how our minds create material form.

Throughout the book, Church shares illuminating case histories-up-close, authentic personal accounts of people who had an experience of turning mind into matter. Drawn from the worlds of medicine, sports, business, healing, art, and scientific discovery, these stories run the gamut from profound to inspiring to heart-wrenching. Meticulously researched evidence is presented in highly relatable form, using engaging, understandable, nontechnical analogies. Photos and illustrations enrich thetext.

As we discover how the universe operates synchronistically, we come to understand that while we have individual local minds, we also participate in universal nonlocal mind. Mind to Matter shows us that as we take charge of our individual power to create, we have the potential, as a species, to catalyze a transformation of our whole world.