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Touch for Health Reference Pocket Folio with Metaphors
Acupressure, Touch and Massage with Muscle Testing for Postural Balance

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Author:Thie, John
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This special Pocket edition of the classic Reference that has been available since the 1970's, with the addition of 111 abbreviated Metaphorical Clues to the meanings of your imbalances and energy patterns related to your life issues and goals and reflected in the 42 muscles, 14 Meridians and 55 aspects of the Chinese Five Elements. Also included are brief explanations of the basic 14 Meridian Balancing protocols, whether by balancing one muscle at a time, or finding a key point to balance the whole system.

This convenient format size will fit into a clinic jacket, or coat pocket, purse, or your date book. It's perfect for travel and as a resource when you want to be able to travel as light as possible. With this pocket folio with you, you will be able to ask anyone to balance you showing them the points to touch and massage so that you have your personal bests when traveling or working.