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Money, Manifestation & Miracles (March 2018)
A Guide to Transforming Women's Relationships with Money

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Product Code:9781608685219
Author:Toneatto, Meriflor
Vendor: New World Library


When women are empowered with money they become "difference makers." They transform not only their own lives but also those of their children, their families, and their communities at large. Women are starting their own businesses more than ever before but few women are earning six- or seven-figure salaries at the rate that men are. Author Meriflor Toneatto, an award-winning leadership and coaching executive, zeros in on why and, more importantly, on how to change this state of affairs. With a profound understanding of the ways that money is "emotional currency" for women she prescribes Eight Holistic Principles (such as Self-Expression and Focus) that allow women to overcome deep-seated blocks, live the lives of their dreams, and "pay forward" their own successes.