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Luminous Life (February 2018)
How the Science of Light Unlocks the Art of Living

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Author:Liberman, Liberman & Liberman
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Early in his optometric career, Dr. Liberman experienced a sudden, significant, and lasting improvement in his vision during a meditative experience. This seemingly inexplicable event led him to question standard medical beliefs and practices, to clinically investigate notions of light and color therapy, and even to wonder if our fundamental ideas about life are flawed. The importance of light is easily observed in the ways plants position themselves towards it and the way numerous animals are guided on migratory journeys that put GPS technology to shame. Liberman shows how humans hinder this inherent navigational system with thought, worry, and fear. Then, drawing on quantum physics, neuroscience, spiritual traditions and years of clinical research, he details simple practices - including vision, "color homeopathy," and attention-focusing exercises and practices that are practically effortless yet profoundly effective. These ways of "looking less, seeing more" affect transformation that, like his own vision improvement, is rapid, significant, and permanent.