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Ending the Search (March 2018)
From Spiritual Ambition to the Heart of Awareness

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Author:Hunt, Dorothy
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What is life when seeking ends? Just what is, nothing more or less - an ordinary person doing ordinary things, not wishing to be more or less, content to simply be herSelf.- Dorothy Hunt, Only ThisáIn Ending the Search, Dorothy Hunt unravels a dilemma that has vexed countless people on the spiritual journey. "You may have tried all manner of practices, meditation, guru shopping, chanting, prayer, and reading, and still you have not attained your heart's desire," she writes. "This book is about the ego's spiritual ambition, its search for its idea of 'enlightenment,' its frustrations, and its eventual fate, as seeker becomes the sought."For anyone feeling confused or stalled in their spiritual path, Dorothy Hunt takes the stress out of spirituality and points us toward the ever-present Heart of Awareness that is at once our deepest nature and the true home we long for. Hunt shares insights from her personal journey along with original poetry, teaching stories, and self-inquiry practices to help us "find the true identity of this precious and all-consuming 'I.'"

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