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Pursuit of Dreams
Claim Your Power, Follow Your Heart, and Fulfill Your Destiny

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Author:Bratasanu, Dragos
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Today, Dr. Dragos is an award-winning scientist, filmmaker, and speaker who has presented on five continents. His beginnings in Romania, however, were humble, and in this book the reader gets a few glimpses of formative periods of his upbringing. While pursuing a doctoral program in Germany, he audaciously decides that he will travel to the North and South Pole - even though he's surviving on just $100 a month. Dr. Dragos describes the hard work, serendipitous moments, and amazing people he meets in the pursuit and fulfillment of this dream, and how it ignited in him the passion to inspire others to pursue their dreams by creating a film, The Amazing You.

Dr. Dragos continues by taking the reader behind the scenes in Silicon Valley, NASA headquarters, Buddhist monasteries, and Masonic temples as he holds conversations with influential movers and shakers as well as everyday people. Interweaving these conversations with tales of others who have pursued their passions, Dr. Dragos connects science, spirituality, and entrepreneurship to inspire you and empower you to make your dreams a reality. You'll understand why now is the best time in history to bring your ideas to fruition and how your passion can be turned into practice. Dr. Dragos shows you how to find inner peace and release your fears, and transform hurt into power and dreams into reality.