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MindBody Self (March 2020)
How Longevity Is Culturally Learned and the Causes of Health Are Inherited

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Author:Martinez, Mario
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In these turbulent times, change isn't something your mind can accomplish alone. It calls for mind and body to work together in a deeper unity than you may ever have imagined.

Neuropsychologist Mario Martinez is a pioneer in the science of the mindbody - his term for that essential oneness of cognition and biology - and a passionate advocate for its power to reshape our lives, if we work with it consciously. In The MindBody Self, he builds on the foundation he laid in the critically acclaimed MindBody Code to explore the cultural conditions that co-author our reality and shape every aspect of our lives, from health and longevity to relationships and self-esteem. Then he offers practical tools we can use to shed outworn patterns and create sustainable change. You'll read about:

  • How our cultural beliefs affect the diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment of disease
  • The difference between growing older (which we all do) and aging" by our culture's standards (which we can learn not to do)
  • What happens when we move "beyond the pale" of our tribe's expectations
  • Biocognitive tools for a healthy life