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Cosmic Messengers
The Universal Secrets to Unlocking Your Purpose and Becoming Your Own Life Guide

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Author:Peru, Elizabeth
Vendor: Hay House


Cosmic Messengers provides a practical map to understanding the role of cosmic energy in accelerating our life purpose. The reader is nudged to remember why they are here, what they are good at and how they can fulfill their purpose, all with an energetic momentum. By becoming "cosmically aware" the reader can develop a deeper appreciation of their place in the universe and their reason for being.

Chapters one to thirteen focus on accelerating our life purpose by understanding energy, planetary bodies, the human soul and personality, our spiritual reality, cosmic awareness, momentum, resistance, the power of secrecy and using our imagination and intuition to walk our unique path.

The reader is actively engaged in Cosmic Messengers through self-inquiry in each chapter. They are also taken through guided meditations to reinforce the work being discussed. Readers will receive answers from within, learn how to draw out their ancient wisdom and be guided to put their innate knowledge, skills, and talents to work for themselves in living their life on purpose.