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Price of Vengeance (February 2018)

CDN Retail:$20.99
Product Code:9780738750675
Author:Scarantino, James R.
Vendor: Midnight Ink


Detective Denise Aragon finds herself in the middle of a desperate standoff she may have caused with a single misconstrued phrase take him out. On one side, Peter Cervantes, Aragon's grieving friend and now a hostage-taker who blames the deaths of his sons on the grand schemes of powerful politicians. On the other side, a United States senator with a dark past whose family is being held at gunpoint by Cervantes.

The FBI targets Aragon as an accomplice to kidnapping and terrorism, and her only way out is to drag the senator's crimes into the light. She can only pray that the price of vengeance won't be paid in blood.