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Forgotten Art of Love (October 2017)
What Love Means and Why It Matters

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Author: Zadeh, Armin
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Who better than a cardiologist to unpack the many dimensions of love, the emotion thinkers of all kinds have long depicted as emanating from the heart? Dr. Armin Zadeh's years of experience witnessing the connection between a patient's state of mind and physical condition, his doctoral degree in philosophy, and his upbringing as the child of a psychologist and a psychiatrist combine to give him a wonderfully multifaceted understanding of well-being and the centrality of love. Dr. Zadeh's engaging style makes wisdom from disciplines including biology, psychology, philosophy, religion, history, and even economics accessible. Explorations of what love's got to do with sex, society, and the meaning of life; of different kinds of love (for our children, for our neighbor, for ice cream); and of whether love is a matter of luck or an art that can be mastered make this not only a fascinating read but a practical guide to improving relationships and enhancing happiness.