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Cultured Cook
Delicious Fermented Foods with Probiotics to Knock Out Inflammation, Boost Gut Health, Lose Weight & Extend Your Life

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Author:Schoffro Cook, Michelle
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The latest trend in healthy eating is fermented foods. While that may not sound mouth-watering, consider some of the recipes in this eye-opening book: Fig Cream Cheese, Cultured Plum Chutney, and Gingerbread Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches.

In The Cultured Cook, Michelle Schoffro Cook brings superfoods like these into readers' kitchens in ways that make them everyday accessible. The author details everything needed to begin fermenting in one's home kitchen, showing that it isn't at all difficult. The author's "Top 10 Fermented Foods to Supercharge Your Health" include vegan cheese, kimchi, kombucha, and yogurt sauerkraut. Her dairy-free yogurt options offer especially tantalizing alternatives and highlight not only healthful probiotics but also the increasingly recognized benefits of pre-biotics. If we "are what we eat," this is a guide to becoming our healthiest, best selves