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Asian Journals
India and Japan

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Author:Campbell, Joseph
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At the start of his career, Joseph Campbell developed a lasting fascination with the cultures of the Far East, and explorations of Buddhist and Hindu philosophy became recurring motifs in his vast body of work. However, Campbell had to wait until middle age to visit the lands that inspired him so deeply. In 1954, he took a sabbatical from his teaching position and embarked on a yearlong voyage through India, Thailand, Cambodia, Burma, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Japan. Asian Journals is an edited version of Campbell's travel diary, a day-to-day record of the people he met and the historical places he visited on his trek. Along the way he enlivens the narrative with his musings on culture, religion, myth, and politics, describing both the trivial and the sublime. As always, Campbell's keen intellect and boundless curiosity shine through in his lucid prose. From these pages, Campbell enthusiasts will come away with a deeper understanding of the man, his work, and his enduring legacy.

  • Since Campbell wrote no formal autobiography, these journals take readers inside his day-to-day life
  • Contains black-and-white photographs and illustrations by Campbell himself
  • Combines two previous hardcover volumes, Baksheesh and Brahman and Sake and Satori, both published in 2002