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Shift into Freedom (10 CDs)
Audiobook - The Science and Practice of Open-Hearted Awareness

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Author:Kelly, Loch
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Teachings and Meditations to "Shift" into the Freedom of Awakening It is possible to access the same sense of well-being, clarity, inner freedom, and loving connection realized by the world's meditation masters. We can do this by shifting our awareness in the midst of our daily lives.

Shift into Freedom is an unabridged audiobook presentation of innovative teacher Loch Kelly's training manual for actively participating in the evolution of your own consciousness. Synthesizing insights from neuroscience and psychology with wisdom from the world's contemplative traditions, Shift into Freedom offers an accessible and remarkably powerful series of meditations that lead us to a little-known natural capacity called "awake awareness." Through an unfolding process of "small glimpses, many times," these exercises shift us from a thought-based knowing to an awareness-based way of operating in the world.With continued practice, we learn to "unhook" from our customary home in our ego - based identity - and then sustain an embodied presence and relatedness known as "open-hearted awareness."

Loch Kelly teaches that this is "the meeting place of awakening and growing up, where we have the capacity to handle a fully emotional, intimate life and act with authenticity and compassion.""The goal of these meditations is not to transcend the human condition," explains Loch Kelly, "but to discover how to live a fully intimate human life." Shift into Freedom gives you the tools to navigate your life with clarity and unconditional love.