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Medium in Manolos
A Life-Affirming Guide to Modern Mediumship

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Product Code:9781781808511
Author:Robertson, Lauren
Vendor: Hay House


The Medium in Manolos is a life-affirming, miraculous, and modern guide to mediumship. It is both for people who have lost someone and are looking to grieve and heal in a new, more empowered way; and it's for those who are curious to develop their own connection with Spirit.

The Medium in Manolos is different from other mediumship books because it focuses on supporting the reader via effective personal development and transformational coaching techniques. To become a great Spirit communicator requires three elements: learning a methodology, getting lots of practice, and creating the mindset for miraculous mediumship.

Most books about mediumship focus on the first two elements - but there is no book that empowers the medium to overcome fear, self-doubt, self-consciousness, and lack of self-belief, hence the need for this title. The Medium in Manolos aims to give developing mediums the tools to clear their mind, elevate their consciousness, and create a miraculous connection with Spirit to enrich their lives and the lives of others.