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Blind Spot Effect (July 2018)
How to Stop Missing What's Right in Front of You

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Author:Boys, Kelly
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At home or work, do you find yourself in similar conflicts or situations again and again? Do your relationships seem fine, but you sometimes wonder if those around you might disagree? On an immediate level, have you ever wished for greater clarity, depth, and delight in all of your experiences?

In this compelling book, readers will explore our many kinds of "blind spots," from the physical to the interpersonal: how we get them, how to reveal them, and how to work with our newfound awareness.

Drawing upon neuroscience, meditation research, true personal accounts, and more, The Blind Spot Effect invites us into this hidden world.

What unfolds is both a learning journey and a practice guide to bring our own unseen dimensions to light, learn from them, and help others along the way.