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Possibility Principle (Cloth) (September 2017)
How Quantum Physics Can Improve the Way You Think, Live, and Love

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Product Code: 9781622038633
Author: Schwartz, Mel
Vendor: Sounds True


When faced with challenges and difficulties, it's easy to feel trapped - by our circumstances, our personal history and conditioning, and our daily struggle to change. But what if we could escape these trappings? With The Possibility Principle, Mel Schwartz emerges as one of the first psychotherapists to distill the basic premises of quantum theory into an empowering and practical system for transcending limitations and opening to infinite possibility.

New discoveries in quantum physics are revolutionizing the way we understand our world, but we're often unclear about how this applies to our own experience. Using three core tenets of quantum physics - inseparability, potentiality, and uncertainty - Schwartz demonstrates how each of us can overcome difficulties and live our fullest potential, so long as we are willing to challenge our operating beliefs. Drawing from his vast body of research and dozens of client success stories, Schwartz shows us how to break through communication impasses, create resilient relationships, build authentic self-esteem, overcome anxiety and depression, and catalyze our defining moments so we can live more fearless and expansive lives.