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Meditations on the Mat (4CDs)
Practices for Living from the Heart

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Author:Gates, Rolf
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Yoga is much more than a physical practice. In its most essential form, it opens us to our hearts, infusing our everyday lives with the strength of spirit. With Meditations on the Mat, acclaimed yogi Rolf Gates invites us to deepen the spiritual dimensions of our yoga practice through a series of talks and guided meditations.

Based on Rolf's popular meditation and yoga workshops, this audio program explores insightful teachings on three core skills: wise effort, wise concentration, and wise mindfulness. According to Rolf, when we can define and practice these skills during our meditation and yoga practices, we are better able to bring them into the more complex circumstances of our everyday lives. He helps us develop these skills through powerful, guided sessions on developing heart wisdom, owning our experiences, connecting with Samadhi (deep meditation), and cultivating lovingkindness. For practitioners of all levels, these meditations are the perfect complement to any yoga or mindfulness practice.