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Charlotte's Healthy, Magical Food Adventure (Hardcover) (May 2022)

CDN Retail:$21.99
Product Code:9781401953485
Author:Shine, Danielle & Shine, Benjamin
Vendor: Hay House


Charlotte is a little girl who adores donuts, fries, and cream pies. But when her unhealthy eating begins to make her sick, she is taken on a magical journey to visit Mother Nature, who gifts her with the knowledge to be a natural foods chef.

This energetic and empowering story encourages a healthy love of food with humor, adventure, and an irresistible character who learns to embrace change. Including a wholesome and delicious soup recipe, certified natural foods chef Danielle Shine and her husband, artist and illustrator Benjamin Shine , have cooked up a picture book that satisfies as a means to introduce healthy habits to young readers and delights anyone hungry for a good story.

Audience: Ages 4-8