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Inside the Soul of Islam (Cloth) (November 2017)
A Unique View into the Love, Beauty, and Wisdom of Islam for Spiritual Seekers of All Faiths

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Product Code: 9781401953720
Author: Yusaf, Mamoon
Vendor: Hay House


Today, Islam is the most controversial religion in the world. The mere mention of it conjures up images of oppressed women, backward cultures, and of course, the tragedy of terrorism. And yet, Islam is the source of Sufism and the spiritual fountain of Love, from which Rumi and Hafiz drank.

Inside the Soul of Islam allows people of all faiths to be blessed with a unique view into the universal spiritual teachings of Islam. By gifting the reader with a deep understanding of the Inside-Out Paradigm they are able to effortlessly embody the excellent qualities that the Quran and Prophetic Sayings - and indeed all spiritual teachings - encourage us towards.

For the first time, readers will receive beautifully distilled Quran-based wisdom and the spiritual 'Inside-Out' understanding that allows these teachings to become a lived reality, in much the same way as it was for the saints and spiritual masters of the past. Each short chapter focuses on a universal spiritual teaching from the Quran and the Islamic tradition, followed by an exploration of how the Inside-Out Paradigm allows us to effortlessly embody that teaching in everyday life. This powerful book gives readers a glimpse into the spiritual depth of Islam, beyond the headlines.