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How Children Thrive
The Practical Science of Raising Independent, Resilient, and Happy Kids

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Author:Bertin, Mark , M.D.
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What if simply relaxing and having fun with your kids is actually the best thing you can do for them? As it turns out, science says that it is. In How Children Thrive, Dr. Mark Bertin provides a comprehensive resource for parenting children of all ages.

A pediatrician and parent himself, Dr. Bertin teaches that by understanding healthy developmental stages, parents are better able to support their child's well-being. Using new insights from the science of executive functioning (those skills that help us self-regulate and achieve goals), Dr. Bertin shows us that a supportive, fun, growth - promoting environment - not a hovering, high-pressure, overprotective one - is what kids actually need to thrive.

Parents will learn to: create simple routines that support independence in everything from homework to sleep; incorporate mindfulness practices for the whole family; understand the scientific benefits of free play; use developmental markers to know whether a child is maturing normally or needs professional support; and much more.