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Three Choices (Hardcover)
Simple Practices to Transform Pain into Power

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Author:Cruise, Jorge
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For nearly 20 years Jorge Cruise has been changing people's lives through diet and fitness plans of captivating simplicity: an 8-minute daily workout, a 12-second resistance training sequence, a super-easy rule (The 100") for measuring sugar intake. In this book, he puts a new spin on transformation: The Three Choices invites readers to work from the inside out to change how they feel, think, and live.

Jorge starts by sharing his own story of transformation. In doing this, he created happiness in his life almost overnight - except the awareness that made the turnaround possible took him 46 years to arrive at. To help you get there faster, he first explains the benefits of living in a way that's authentic to you and offers tools of self-discovery to determine what kind of life will make you happy. Then he boils it down to three simple choices you can make starting right now:

  • Reset Your Thinking: learn to tap into "the most underutilized antidepressant" - the power of your own mind. Jorge offers a questionnaire for figuring out your Happy Code, followed by customized affirmations to rewire your thoughts and boost your serotonin.
  • Reset Your Breathing: get a short course in the practice of mindfulness, starting with your breath; learn the benefits of breath for your brain, body, and spirit; and get techniques for breathing consciously to maximize these benefits.
  • Reset Your Moving: get to know the power of movement to change your mood and free your mind; see how to design a program of movement that's right for you; and learn ways to stick with it by motivating yourself from a deep sense of purpose and meaning.