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Real Sex
Why Everything You Learned About Sex Is Wrong

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Author:Lousada, Mike & Mazanti, Louise
Vendor: Hay House


The more modern culture shines its light on sex, the longer the shadow it casts. This shadow is commercialism, pornography, and shame. This approach to sexuality distorts it to create performance pressure, increasing numbers of sexual dysfunctions and a fundamental disconnect from ourselves and others. Yet sexuality is one of the most important paths to happiness, simply because it requires us to engage all the other aspects of ourselves. To have deeply satisfying sex we must engage the mind, the body, and our feelings; we must be creative. Ultimately, we will find that sexuality can act as a gateway to connecting with forces far greater than ourselves.

Real Sex will show you how almost everything that our society has tried to teach you about your sexuality is misleading or simply wrong. Real Sex is a journey into the heart of your sexual self; a way of creating meaningful and fulfilling intimacy. It sets out seven keys that will teach you how to love and accept your mind, body, feelings, desires, and sexuality at a deeper level, leaving behind feelings of guilt, insecurity, and shame.

Real Sex offers a new, integrated idea of sexuality that holds a positive perspective of the sexual beings that we are; longing for intimacy and aliveness that we know deep down makes our lives meaningful.