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Calm Cure
The Unexpected Way to Improve Your Health, Your Life and Your World

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Author:Newbigging, Sandy
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When faced with chronic physical conditions, overwhelming emotions, or problems in your relationships, career, or finances, it can be hard to know why it's happening and what you can do to fix it. In Calm Cure, bestselling author Sandy C. Newbigging explains that problems are caused by unconscious conflict. Anytime you have a problem, you are caught in an unconscious conflict between something you don't want (i.e. you are resisting) and something else that you think you need (i.e. you are attached to). Conflict creates dis-ease within the body and causes you to create the same old life problems over and over again. The good news is there is a way to uncover the underlying causes of your problems.

In this book, Sandy shares a powerful technique that you can use to clarify and clear your unconscious conflicts and shows how to apply it to your body, emotions, relationships, career, finances, past, and even the wider world. You will discover:

  • The hidden causes of your health and/or life problems
  • Why other things you've done to try to fix it haven't worked long term
  • Why you keep recreating the same old patterns over and over again
  • The power of the mind-body connection and how to harness it for healing
  • How to heal your body, emotions, relationships, career, and finances

This book includes directories listing the common mind-based causes of physical conditions, and will allow you to free yourself from your daily struggles and confidently move forward towards the health, wealth, happiness, and success you want.