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Love Lost, Love Found
A Woman's Guide to Letting Go of the Past and Finding New Love

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Author:Jerome, Tatiana
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Based on Tatiana's journey and that of other women she has coached, Love Lost, Love Found is a woman-to-woman conversation that nurtures each woman hurting over her breakup by allowing her to let go of her past, find love within herself, and welcome new love into her life. You'll learn to avoid self-sabotaging behavior and other things on Tatiana's "drop list," implement a personal action plan, attend to your physical well-being, and stay connected to your spiritual life. Uplifting and honest, Tatiana helps you ask the difficult questions and face reality while building a better life by prioritizing self-respect, self-care, and self-confidence. You'll discover that focusing on your own healing, spirituality, and growth is the surest path to leading an extraordinary life and attracting new love.

This is for anyone who has loved, lost, and wants to love again - only better and smarter. You will learn:

  • Confidence: How to develop the confidence of a supermodel and say what you feel is authentic and have the freedom to be your true self
  • Communication power: What you need to know to get through stubborn, resistant, thick, concrete walls of hurt, pain, frustration, disappointment with yourself and others to unblock the flow of love in your life? if you can't communicate, then you can't love
  • Proper healing: You will discover a sensible and effective way to heal past hurts, breakups, and past damaged connections to find strength to move forward
  • Attraction mistakes: Spot the hidden habits that slowly erode trust, desire, compassion, and care in your relationships