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Shakti Sutra (CD)

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Author:Bringi, Sheela
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Indian-American musician Sheela Bringi has been exploring the connections between her ancestral and actual homelands her entire life. The talented young singer and multi-instrumentalist plays a 36-string harp, the Indian harmonium, and bansuri (Indian bamboo flute). Bringi straddles the entire range: she has performed in concert halls and universities presenting traditional material, in yoga studios leading kirtans, and in dance clubs on top of throbbing, bass-heavy beats. Her invigorating openness to possibility is helping to further the classical tradition without diluting its meaning and sense of personal and communal worship.

"My music is about accessing a place of mystery and divinity," says Bringi. Her harp, harmonium, and bansuri create an exquisite foundation for her unique singing of ancient Sanskrit mantras - a practice as musically pleasing as it is culturally progressive.

Shakti Sutra weaves a sublime tapestry of ancient Indian mantra, kirtan, and raga with lush, ambient textures and soulful rhythms.